Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ahh! Imperfection!

Ahh, Imperfection!  I'm a recovering perfectionist - used to HAVE TO finish things, HAVE TO have things in order, HAVE TO have three weeks ahead on my calendar or I didn't think I was doing enough.  NOW - NOW
Life is much more fun.  I'm lucky to know what a whole day will hold, and not be concerned about what's left over.  One observation I made during the transition is that I may come in to a situation at "step 5"  and take it to "step 6" and be satisfied to let go of the rest of the goal - it may not be mine to do. No angst.
    Clearing clutter remains high on my list of "to do's" because of the wonderful space that opens up and the care I feel about filling it in with the current - more interesting - things I need and want. 
   I'm a peaceful and proud imperfectionist - try it - you'll like it.  Cheers

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