Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Movie Review of "The Final Inquiry"

Hello on the Earth Day,

I've seen "The Final Inquiry," and want to tell you about this interesting historical view - fanciful though it is,
The scene is the palace of Emperor Tiberius, roman ruler of the world at that time. He hears about this group of people that are following the principles that this teacher, Jesus, has given to them. He also hears that after his death - he rose again. Now Tiberius is nearing his own death and wants to know if this is true. He calls in a trusted friend (forgot the name) to investigate this information - and to find the body. If the body is found, then the whole thing is a hoax.
So the friend goes to Jerusalem and finds the group of Christians that indeed are following Jesus' teachings - and are having difficulties with the Roman rule. There is a good glimpse of how the early Christians were implementing these teachings, how they had so impacted their lives that they had the courage ot deny homage to the Romans.
Of course, the friend does not find the body and returns to Tiberius with that news. Tiberius is overjoyed at the prospect of ascending into future living. He decides to make a proclamation that these principles are to be implemented into the Roman rule.
Enter Caligula. Caligula tries to dissuade Tiberius to not change the Roman rule, but Tiberius is determined - so Caligula kills him. And so ends the saga of - what might have been!
I found the movie very well done - the depiction of early Christian life dealt with realistically, tho brief, but a hopeful view of "what might have been." I think it is refreshing to see a new look.

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