Saturday, June 14, 2008

Goddess, Mayan Prophecies & More~Notes

Good Morning All, There is now a really great program by two nationally-recognized speakers that will be available soon on video.
Jimmy Langkop is a brilliant researcher on the Goddess teachings, showing pre-dated materials revealing the worship of the Goddess in many ancient civilizations, and their silencing by most current religions. Definitely not for wormen only, presenting that the influence is even greater upon men today than it is upon women.
Dr. Margaret Christensen, a noted ob/gym, brings out much in the study of sex, and its practices in many cultures today. She also is a strong advocate of healthy nutrition and this is amply shown.
These two cohorts provided a most stimulating 2 hours at the Plaza 200 in Dallas last night, June 13 - yes, Friday the 13th, another auspicious day for the Goddess and that also is addressed.
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