Friday, November 28, 2008

Greatest gift...

Choice is your soul's moment for its light to strike.

~David Crosby

Choice is God's greatest gift to us.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Only words that heal

Careless Cussing

so many of us do this - the expletives roll off our tongue without pause when a frustration comes or a disappointment stops our intended forward march, let along when an intentional attack is made.

We've also studied the power of the spoken word - and assumed that these casual words that are sent out don't count. How could they not? If the good directive and blessing count - and we've seen that happen many a time - then these negative drops also drip into our way of thinking.

Here's to the pause that refreshes - only words that heal, inspire or encourage come from me now!! Tall order, but worth the effort - notice the stunned effect around you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sea Of Discovery

A Poem:

A Birthday is an honoring of the

completion of another cycle –

A pushing uphill with people,

places and things.

Windows that were given to

breathe, weave new patterns

of our heart’s desires.

A reaching out to touch others

in new ways, some fun; others

we’d shudder and shake.

In the Quiet we’d catch a Glimpse

to see “why” and “how” it fit

this personal flow that is our

own life energy.

Now, a new wave begins your

Sea of Discovery.

May warm winds of Universal

Love blow every so gently

To fill your sails and skim you

along to your port of 2009.

Merrily Smith

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Affirm or not to Affirm.

Roilling Along with Merrily

As we learn many things about our minds, we are taught about affirmations. They work amazingly many, many times. Then there comes the time when no matter how much you affirm, the "thing" just wom't move.

This is when I suggest that it has roots - deeper underground than the surface positive flow. we're taught to use only positive words in these affirmation - keeping the "not" words out.

Well, I'm suggesting that we may need to uproot the more firmly held thought below the surface and declare that they don't have a hold on us any more.

If it's fear - we've affirmed that I go forward with faith. But "it" hasn't moved so try "I don't fear the successful outcome I need (or wish). This may go into that more deeply held fear. I've found that it works.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank You, God

Thank you, God - for holding the world together while I fell apart.
Thank you, God - for Your strength within strong men and deeds
That stood firm while I fled in fear.
Thank you, God - for continuing the endless creation of beauty
When my eyes saw only dry flatness.
Thank you, God - for Your Love that brings near to me
a wonderful, warm spot in which to live
when I release and let Your Love within me
flow and fill my expanded world.

Friday, November 21, 2008

God Is


I thought God was near
Then felt that I alone faced my foe.

I saw my foe as different and fierce,
The found we stumbled over the same stones.

I thought that God was far away
The healed without a scar.

I thought that God was strong
Then felt the gentleness of a new idea.

I thought that God was gentle,
Then went within Niagara

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pots 'O Gold...


We reach for Spirit’s touch,
To truly BE where we want to BE.
To bless all we have brings Spirit’s flow,
Filling our own Pot of Gold.
Now Spirit has a welcome home
And we fill it with blessings anew.

We have learned much about our minds through affirmations.

Then we expanded into visualizing – thru imagining, treasure maps, etc. We saw and experienced the power of our minds in these ways.
Then our wisdom teachings lead us to believing so strongly in our answers that we are to get into the feelings of being answered. Ah, THERE’S THE RUB!
Many times there is difficulty getting into this feeling of answered prayer. We feel empty – at a loss.
If we had something to do that could move us forward???
This is what our Pot of Gold is all about.

A clear glass container that will hold
your blessing items is chosen.
First – Take your Blessing Icon (chocolate nugget?) – identify the Blessings you do already have – housing, food, clothing, car, etc.
Second – As new Blessings occur – prayers answered – delightful surprises – creative ideas – take a Blessing Icon – hold it to your heart – consciously acknowledge the blessing
and add it to your Pot of Gold.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Only for the Strong...

"To forgive is for the strong - not for the cowardly."

When we feel confident within ourselves - we can

feel like we have something to give. There are so

many things that can go into the wounding - trying not

to hurt someone's feelings and making the suffering

more keen - choices wee made that hurt someone

knowingly or unknowingly - embarrassments made by us

or "them."
These may be some dormant trigger to our memories.

For all of it we are left with dormant emotional

If any of this is hard to acknowledge, we may have

some emotional charge on it. Let's say we do -

clearance is what we want - confronting the injured to

say "I'm sorry," may or may not be advisable or

comfortable. Imagining a similar situation and

creating a change in attitude or movement may bring

some relief - but primarily forgiving ourselves in

the highest priority. Usually we did the best we

could with the information we had. Most of us think

that what we plan to do is a good idea at the time.
OOOHHH - those thoughts - we've often heard -

thought held in mind produce after their kind - let's

let kindness prevail.

May there be joy on your journey,


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I criticize by creation...

Rolling Along With Merrily

"I criticize by creation - not by finding fault."

Michelangelo gave us a thoughtful, creative way of looking at situations. Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity Churches, presents this scenario - have a group listening to a newscast. Then ask each one to tell which story interested them. Out of the usual number of stories - perhaps 10 to 12, few in the group will choose the same one.

Mr. Fillmore suggests this is no accident - that the story each one chooses indicates that that person has part of the answer. Their life experience may give them the solution or part of the solution - or they may know someone who does have pertinent information.

Our word for today is to pay attention to that which interests us and be reflective about what we can do to assist in expanding the scope of its effects.

So, Friends, look to this day for the fruit of your own harvest.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Reasons to Breathe Slowly

An Arab saying is that when we are born, we are given so many breaths for this life.
If that is true then it behooves us to be aware of the timing of our breaths - hurry and worry often bring the quick short breathing. Calm, confident feelings allow the slower, deeper breaths.

If we want longevity - this is another way we can get more of it.

Take it easy, my Friend, Merrily