Wednesday, January 23, 2008

3 Movie Reviews



Movies often inspire, educate and entertain. To me
there are not many who actually charm.
This one does. Such a journey of
human emotions – awareness of gifts – aloneness – unsuspecting positive
openings – unlikely friendships – recognition – fulfillment of one’s purpose –
these are a few of the human-like positions you will see paraded before you as
you take yourself to this movie. Pixar
to me is a step above other animations.
What a r
omp they had in making this. I’ll be going again soon.

Great Debaters


What great guts Oprah has in making this picture. There is passion in all the main people –
fire in every frame. As the producer she
chronicles for us the glimpse of the millions upon millions of incidents the
black people have lived with and through to attain normal dignities that whites
take so for granted. That fire – “hope”
is seen through all the generations, and none more powerful that the academic
experiences. The audience I was in
cheered and clapped at the end. Rightly

Bucket List


Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman have been brought to the
pronouncement of their impending death.
Both have very involved lives and this is a shocker. Now to consider an ending to all that represents
their lives. Unlimited wealth plays a
supportive role as they check out their list of what they want to accomplish
before th y “kick the bucket.” Jack, the
wealthy, and Morgan the worker come from different value systems, but quickly
gain a respect for one another as they experience the wonders available to
them. The most profound thoughts they’ve
ever had parade before their minds and hearts.
They face the chinks in the seemingly brick walls of their emotional
mountains and allow themselves freedom breakthroughs done with believable

We’re all here with them and I feel will be inspired to
write our Bucket List so we won’t miss out on anything we came into this life
for. Anyone at any age will gain to see

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